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My Yoga Journey

My first yoga class started in a gym and I wasn't too serious about it. Compared to other cardio work out, yoga to me is a stretching and relaxing type of exercise. Completing a kickboxing class made me feel content, believing that the more sweat I had, the more work I did. It is not until a few years later, the gym came a new yoga teacher (Mr. Daniel Larceda) offering classes with challenging postures - I did not miss any of his class ever since. Practicing few years with him improved my strength and endurance but that wasn't enough, I wanted to study more about yoga other than postures.

With these few years yoga experience, I was given an opportunity to teach in a church community, thinking that it would just be similar to my usual practice. Though this first teaching went through but I felt deeply insufficient, teaching and practicing are entirely different! How to cue a class; what kind of modifications can I offer; how to manage time; what are the benefits of each pose, which muscles are many questions that I could not answer. Having all these difficulties and curiosity in yoga, I decided to join a teacher training program in 2008 with Patrick Creelman of Pure Yoga Hong Kong. Though it was a tough training, experience and the process were precious. Fundamentals about yoga techniques, types of yoga, alignments, philosophy, history, anatomy, leading a class and much more... were introduced. The transformation did not happen upon completion of the training, it came gradually during my continuing practices, both physically and mentally. I became more aware of my body in an asana (not just a shape of the asana), noticing that there are some inner spaces in my mind and body allowing me to go and breathe deeper in each asana, which I have never encountered before.

My teaching continued after the training. In contrast to the initial idea that students would love to lean more advanced asanas, they are actually more concerned on how yoga can help them overcome or improve the existing pain and discomfort. There were many students having some sort of limitations or pre-existing injuries and the questions now become "how could I help?" Obviously, a regular yoga class may not serve their purpose, I need to know how to help them practice safely, effectively and therapeutically. That's the reason I moved on to the next teacher training in Yoga Therapy with Karen Claffey of Heaven on Earth in 2011 and Thai Yoga Massage with Deanna Villa of Thai Massage Toronto from 2012 to 2013. The courses provided me with confidence on handling individuals with specific needs and I was so glad to apply these techniques to a group of injured clients as a result of motor vehicle accident at that time.

The subject of yoga is so board that one can never stop learning. I continued to explore different types of yoga and attended teacher trainings in Yin Yoga, pre & post natal yoga, kids yoga and aerial yoga. In 2013, my basement was turned into a yoga studio, named Yogashram by my dearest yoga teacher, Master Deva Biswas of Pure Yoga Hong Kong, meaning "Traditional School of Yoga". I used to push my body in order to achieve some asanas. It was him who told me "there is no need to push, just keep practicing regularly, when it comes, it comes" So thankful to his guidance and inspiration over the last 11 years till now.

Between Mar to Jun of 2019, our studio successfully accommodated the first teacher training program under Moving With Stillness and I am excited to be one of the faculty. It was a treasured and unforgettable experience. We are delighted to announce our next program in the coming March 2020. Please check out under Event of our site for further details.

Qualifications and Certifications

30 Hours Hatha Yoga Training with Master Deva Biswas of Oriental Yog Gym, 2018

200 Hours Hatha Yoga Training with Master Deva Biswas of Oriental Yog Gym, 2016

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with Suzanne Heaning of P3 Yoga, 2014

Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Cathy Keenan of Yoga Sanctuary, 2012

Kids Yoga Teacher Training with Maalaa of Yoga Sanctuary, 2012

Level I & II Thai Yoga Massage with Deanna Villa of Thai Massage Toronto, 2012

Level III & IV Thai Yoga Massage with Deanna Villa of Thai Massage Toronto, 2013

300 Hour Yoga Therapy Teacher Training with Karen Claffey of Heaven on Earth, 2011

Pre & Post Natal Teacher Training with Cynthia Funk of Yoga Sanctuary, 2010

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Patrick Creelman of Pure Yoga Hong Kong, 2008

Taken in Tibet September 2019

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